Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Foiled Again

On Monday my game was once again cancelled at the last moment. These things happen and I have certainly done it enough times to other people.  Not much we can do in these situations but shrug your shoulders and carry on. Its only a hobby and your 'real life' has to come first.

This left me at something of a loose end on Monday so I just wandered around having a good look at the various games being played at the club. Once again we were very busy with a good mix of game being played:

Field of Glory
Dux Brittaniarum
Flames of War
Naval Pre Dreadnought
ACW Naval
ACW Infantry game but I still did not catch the rulebook.
 Warhammer fantasy Battle.

I was interested to watch the Impetus and the Dux B especially.  Dave Knight (who writes the Leadwarrior blog) now appears to be playing in three Dux B campaigns, which I am sure will get a little confusing.  Impetus is always interesting to watch as it is a bizarre mix of fluid and quick game mechanics mixed in with some of the weirdest, gamey , counter-intuitive rules I have ever seen in a game anywhere and those that are good at Impetus seem to the be the people that are best able to exploit the gamey side of the rules.
Impetus was the ruleset that finally got me to commit and purchase my first Historical army, that since has done great double duty in Saga, Dux Brittaniarum and Dux Bellorum but every time I play it there are a few things that strike me as unnecessarily complicated and a bit gamey.  I will persevere though as it is easily the most popular set of ancients rules in the club.

I have a few cavalry to finish painting and then my Late Roman army will be completed and I will be turning my eye to something new for next years major project.  I have a few things that have caught my eye recently.  

The new Celts from Mark Simms at Crusader miniatures.  Lovely sculpts and very reasonably priced at just over a pound a miniature.  These would probably be based on 40mm square base so that there is a lot more flexibility in the game that I can use them with.
When rummaging in the loft recently I came across my box of Moria Goblins. I have the fellowship already painted and it would not take to much effort to paint up the Goblins required for the Moria section of Lord of the Rings. I would need to lay my hands on a Balrog, plus build a few pieces of terrain. The terrain building could be an interesting project to do with the kids though.
The game of WHFB 3rd edition have turned my thoughts to the first edition of 40k, rogue Trader, I played far more Rogue Trader than Fantasy 3rd when I was young and spent many a wasted afternoon in my mum and dads garage pushing badly painted toy soldiers around. I still have a few of my Orks and Eldar form that era and have been having a wee look on e-bay at the costs of the classic old Kev Adams sculpts and they go for about 2-3 quid a pop so not to bad.  I also have a large amount of Genestealer Hybrids as well, and have always wanted to do a Genestealer cult so there are definitely possibilities there.

Plenty of time think about these as I wont be starting anything new this side of Christmas.

Next weeks game is Impetus at 300 points. We will see how many WTF? moments the game throws up.


  1. I still have my Squat Brotherhood sitting in a box. (My first ever army) as well as a bunch of old Orks and Marines if you ever fancy giving it a shot.

    1. CHeers Andy.

      Rogue Trader is something I have been thinking about for a while and will put some effort in to it.

      if you fancy selling those Orks then just give me a shout lol.

    2. I could probably agree to that, I haven't used them since the Student Nationals back in 2001 and would still have 2 full armies, (Squats and Dark Angels).

      The Orkz are a mix of
      The original metal ork raiders box,
      I've got the plastics that were released as part of an old 40K box set.
      The original Battleforce.
      a box of gorkamorka orks I was going to use as commandos.

      I can bring the box along on Monday if you want to have a look. A good portion of it has been painted as I needed it done for that competition way back then. But I don't think they're too horrific.

    3. Yeah bring em along please.

      Much appreciated.

    4. Okay having a look at the books. Waasrgh Orkz is all just background stuff. Ere we Go is the main book with all the generic stuff and has the army lists for Goff, Snakebite and BloodAxes. Freebooterz adds army lists for Freebooters, Bad Moons, Evil Sunz and Death Skulls. I have Waaaagh and Ere We Go on PDF. (as well as Book of the Astronomicon if you want real old school army lists)