Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Raiders April 565AD

May in the Kingdom of Alt Clut saw a lot of Raider activity. Must be the start of teh good weather.

My kingdom was raided twice this month, with teh British coming of rather badly out of both games.

The Scotti managed to get away with a large amount of livestock, once again thanks to the tardyness of my defending troops failing to even catch them, never mind put up a decent fight.

My other region was raided by the Saxons (again!) and despite the British defenders having a perfect position to stop the raid theu failed miserably, suffering moderate cacualties in the process.  THis means that next month the Saxons from Northern Rheged will be able to return and demand money from the defenceless British province, while the other province tries to fight off the inevitable raid from teh Scotti or Picts.

May was a bloody month in the North of Britain, with the Saxons of Bernaccia getting a bloody nose at the hands of the British shock cavalry and Levy(!) of Goutodi, while the Scotti of Cenel Loairn got a beating at the hands of the Picts of Flotla.

All this fighting means that in May only the Saxons of North Rheged, Scotti of Cenel N'Gabrain and the Picts of Fib will be able to carry out any raids, as everyone else is at home licking their wounds, so to speak.

 So far  the British of Alt Clut are having a pretty ropy time of it, failing to defend their kingdom successfully at all. Hopefully that will improve as I think teh British are in for a rough summer of being raided!



  1. The Cenel Loarn didn't get a beating BTW from the Picts, we were mutually beat up :-), we just decided their cows weren't worth the effort lol.

  2. I think I see the problem for your British. All those raids happened in April not May. Your clergy must be calculating the date of Easter wrong!
    Yes, as Rory says the Picts of Fotla took so many casualties that they need to recover too. It's the Picts of Fib who may come raiding in May.