Sunday, 21 June 2015

Any Ideas?

I bought this about ten years ago on a trip to Salute.  It is basically a model
of Amon Hen.  Sold by Antenocitis Workshop as "shrine of Eagles".  I am doing some buildings for use in frostgrave just now and thought it might be a good time to put this together.  Only problem is there are no instructions.   I have had a Google for them with no luck and my enquiries to antoniciti himself have gone unanswered.  Any of my few readers know someone who has built this in the past?  I know I am clutching at straws a bit but you never know.


  1. Think your going to have to resort to a bit of trial and error here and see what looks like the piccy on the packet Kev. Only seen finished article never any instructions sorry.

  2. You might try to have a word with Ric if he is at the Club tonight. He is a dab hand at building these things and may be able to give you some hints even if he hasn't built this model.