Sunday, 3 August 2014

August Gallery

Things have been pretty hectic of late.  Summer Holidays, selling our house and then attempting to buy a new one (estate agents are really not worth the money you pay them!) and some much needed professional development stuff for work (boring!) has severely limited painting time.  

When painting time is limited it tends to move towards larger projects that doesn't need a fine touch and can be done with a large brush.  In this case this has meant some more Dark Age buildings, some wattle fences and some dark age era livestock.  Its pretty dull stuff to paint, but all helps to set the scene, which is an important part of any game. 

Enough preamble:

I am undecided on the basing of the fences. As is they are very flexible but probably not very stable, but only an in-game test will be able to settle that for sure.

On another note yesterday was my annual trip to Edinburgh for the Claymore Wargames show.  I had both of the kids with me this time and only managed jusst over 2 hours before they started to get too unruly/bored and we had to leave.    From what I saw there was a few good games going on, with our clubs Indian Mutiny game looking rather nice. One thinsg I did notice was that there was a lot of Saga getting palyed in its various forms, both offical and homebrew.I did not really get the chance to browse very much or take any pictures but still managed to get a few things that I could easilly locate. My final shopping list ended up as:

Another batch of Kev Adams goblin sculpts (I only need to lay my hand on the crooked claw ones now!)
Some more narrow river sections from Last Valley
A quadrant terrain set from Mantic Games, for use in our upcoming Necromunda Campaign.
A copy of the third edition Warhammer Armies book.  I have been looking for this on e-bay for a while but it has always been too expensive. I dont know how much I will use it but it is a nice bit of nostalgia regardless. Now I can start looking for some of the 40k Rogue Trader books (especially the Ork ones!)

Not to bad, until I got home and remembered all things I meant to get and forgot/did not have time to rummage for:

Barbed Wire for use in Chain of Command
Emplacements for use in Chain of Command
Minefields to use ofr Chain of Command
Some decent paint brushes.
A restock of tufts. 
Look for some suitable models for use with In Her Majesties Name

Should have made a shopping list, or asked my eldest to remember as she has a fantastic memory and an eagle eye for spotting these sort of things........

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