Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Stuck in the Middle.

Game 5 of our occasional Mordheim campaign rolled in, and it looked like it was going to be another 5 way bash.  

The scenario was that there was a river running length ways down the centre of the table. In the centre of the river was a wizards tower. This tower belonged to one the minions of the eventual end of campaign boss that we were going to have to fight. This minion, who had the profile of a chaos magister was trying to escape the table, protected by 4 skeletons. If we did not stop him from leaving the table we would have to fight him in the final scenario of the campaign.

The table set up

The Evil chappie with his escort.

Present for this weeks game were:

Ian's Reiklanders

Rory's Kislevites

Andy's Sisters of Sigmar

Dave's Marienburgers

My Beastmen Horde
I was a bit nervous about the lack of terrain but the random roll for deployment managed to put me in a corner of the table, slightly out of the way.  The Sisters and the Kislevites ended up deploying right on top each other, with the Reiklander opposite me and the Marienburgers down the other end of the table.   

Early game saw the Sister and Kislevites get stuck into each other and after a few turns of shooting and fighting they both managed to fail their break test and so were out of the game fairly quickly.  The Marienburgers kept a low profile early game, moving towards the tower and taking a few pot shots at the Sisters pet Elf but not much else.  
Kislevites advance of the Sisters of Sigmar

Down my end of the table Ian and I cautiously approached the fleeing evil minion, as the random roll to see what direction he fled in sent him in our direction. In a freak streak of luck that only Rory could manage the evil minion cast Eye of the Gods on himself and promptly rolled a 1. This meant that the gods had taken offence at him and he was taken out of the game, before any of us had even had a chance to get near him.  Ian and I declared a shaky truce and decided to polish of the skeletons.   
The Marienburger'r are a bit sneaky.

Ian quickly broke that truce and as soon as he had taken out the two skeletons on his side of the river started taking pot-shots at my Beastmen.

Reiklanders attack the skeletons before showing their untrustworthy side!

Beastmen get stuck into the Skeleton Bodyguards

This called out for some revenge.  A small fight quickly broke out at the entrance to the tower, on a small Island in the middle of the river. It took a while but I eventually managed to come out on top. I ended up stalled on the river bank with the rest of my Beastmen for a few turns though, allowing Dave's Marienburgers to creep closer and start taking pot shots at me. I decided that I did not fancy getting sandwiched in between two fresh enemy warbands and decided to get stuck into the Raiklanders.  A few charges later and my Beastmen had seen of Ian's warband as he elected to flee the field. 

Stuck in the middle between two warbands.

This left me Dave's Warband to deal with and he approached the back of the river and the two warbands formed a line and faced off against each other.  My Beastment have the longer move so I managed to get of the charge and inflicted some decent casualties, but not without taking a few of my own in return.  We were both on break point and it came down to Break tests.  Dave managed to pass his first ones, and then I managed to pass my first one, despite my Warband Chief being taken out of action.  In the final round of combat I managed to take most of the remaining members of Dave's band out of action, at which point he fled rather than stay and suffer any more casualties leaving the Beastment victorious!

Sneaky Humans!

One down, One to go!

Another excellent game, and I managed to pull of a victory, despite thinking that I was going to get stuffed, especially when there were two warbands closing in on me.  There were a few things that helped me.  All the archery in the game was pretty useless, with only 2 casualties in the whole game from shooting despite a lot of shots coming my way. Ian had it particularly hard, with his arrows hitting lots but failing to wound most of the time. My warband is getting pretty tough now and Strength 3 bows are becoming less of a worry for me.  Also both of opponents lined up nicely for me to get in some very nice charged.  My warband is very limited in scope, but when I get to charge home en mass they are pretty effective, as demonstrated by taking out two warbands in quick succession, thanks to some aggressive tactics.  

Stars of the show this time were the chaos hounds, who did a lot of damage to both opponents. Everything was not all roses though.  The Centigor must have spent at least a third of the game under the influence of alcohol, which is some achievement considering he only has a 1 in 6 chance of that happening.

Casualties were light, with one henchmen killed and one hero missing his next game due to a leg injury. The biggest setback was my leader was robbed of all his gear, which was a substantial amount, including a crucial item for the campaign!   On the plus side I had one Henchman promoted to Hero, bringing me up to the full complement of 6, and get all the loot from the tower, whatever that ends up being.

Another excellent game of Mordheim and I am really looking forward to game 6 of our campaign,which will hopefully be Late November/early December.


  1. Well done Kev - I must get more paint on my guys for next time

  2. A well deserved win, but as you say, Ian's lack of effective shooting early on helped a lot. The way things are going your Beastie's are becoming the band to beat :-)