Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Stay on Target!

Ian and I have been trying to get in a game of X-Wing for about 2 months now, but real life just kept getting in the way.  This Monday we finally managed to get the game done!

We were playing a scenario where a force of Rebel fighters had to escort a shuttle on a diplomatic mission of the opposite board edge while the Imperial forces were doing their best to stop.  The only victory condition was the success or failure of the shuttle crossing the board.

On the Imperial side there were 6 Tie Fighters, including the main man himself Darth Vader.
The Rebel force consisted of 3 X-Wings and 1 Y Wing, with one of the X-Wings being piloted by Wedge Antilles and every ship containing a droid.

We tossed a coin for sides and I ended up as the Rebels.

The Dark Lord of the Sith himself

The shuttle did not move very quickly so it was going to be a hard slog across the board.  Early game was fairly inconlusive, with some pretty poor shooting from the Rebels and the Imperials content to strip the shields of the Rebel fighters and start chipping away at the shuttle.

Mid game and I started to lose some fighters, while my X-wings proved to be pretty ineffective.  Thanks goodness for the Y-Wing as the turret mounted Ion Cannon allowed it to shoot all round, while maintaining formation with the shuttle and it started to pick of the Tie Fighters.

End game and it went right down to the wire. I was down to my last two fighters but I was two moves away from getting the shuttle across the board.  Then Ian made a schoolboy error and turned Darth Vader the wrong way, leaving him out of arc to finish of the badly damaged shuttle as it tried to limp away.

The game really went down to the wire as Ian fired everything he could at the shuttle in the last turn, but he had no luck and the shuttle managed to escape on its diplomatic mission.

A great game and nice and close, which also makes for a more enjoyable evening.  X-Wing is an excellent game and it was enhanced by a nice interesting scenario that forced a few extra decisions from us both rather than how quickly can we eliminate our opponent.

Next week we are back to Mordheim, which I am really looking forward to.

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