Thursday, 3 November 2016

Mordheim, Season 3, Game 6

Game 6 of our Mordheim campaign, so we are now half way through.
This week we were down the dwarves, as Ian had other matters to attend to. This left:
My Undead (warband rating 128).
Dave's Marienburgers (warband rating 196).
Andy L's Witchhunters (warband rating 191).
Rory's Protectorate of Sigmar (warband rating 107).
Andy's Skaven (warband rating 162).

The mission was simple, another ruined village, with a bad guy and his minions in the middle. They were guarding a relic that was either very helpful if you were a good guy, or you wanted to destroy if you were a bad guy. 
Deployment was as always random and I ended up sandwiched between Dave K and Rory, and having just managed to get the cash together to replace my vampire vampire I ended up going for Rory's Protectorate of Sigmar (PoS from now on).
Early on and the game split into three parts.  The Witch hunters and the Marienburgers went straight for each other and large fight ensued, with Dave managing to take down Andy L's freshly painted Ogre double quick thanks to some lucky shots. 
The other Andy's Skaven made a quick rush towards the objective, hovering up treasure tokens as they went, and then got caught up in a big melee in eth centre of the table.  I headed my Undead towards Rory's PoS as my warband was still quick weak and I didn't want to risk to many more losses.  My undead managed to make short work of the PoS, accounting for every member of their warband for no losses, although the vampire came quite close!

Mid game saw the Skaven see off the evil lord and his minions and as he was an evil type he promptly destroyed the artefact, denying it to any of the good players.  The Marienburgers, having seen this decided that enough was enough and decided there was no point in sticking around and left the field carrying their few casualties with them.  The witch hunters were quite happy at this, even though their losses meant that they had to make break tests every turn. 

Late game saw the Skaven head off towards my warband, while the witch hunters started moving towards the centre of the table.  I didn't fancy fighting the Rat Ogre in a fair fight so started withdrawing and shooting at them, hoping that the fear and low leadership on the Skaven would keep them at bay.  As it turned that is exactly what happened. the witch hunters finally failed a leadership test and fled the field, and I used my one remaining zombie to block a choke point, keeping the Skaven rat ogre from charging my warband.  Meanwhile I had managed to shot down some giant rats, and, in a great stroke of luck the leader of the Skaven warband.  A fear causing ghoul was stuck out the front to act as bait and the Skaven all promptly failed their fear tests and froze in place, allowing me to start shooting at them. Andy decided at this point that there was no point in hanging about and also fled the field, leaving the Undead victorious!
Another interesting game, and certainly not the result I was expecting. In the end my warband preformed well, with some excellent shooting, and the zombie proving to be extremely resilient in the face of a giant rat and an rat ogre.  Still never managed to cast a single spell though!
this time deployment played a big part, as the two toughest warbands deployed quite close to each other and so ended up fighting it out. If I had ended deployed next to either the Marienburgers or the Witch hunters the result would have been very different. In the end I had no casualties and so managed a good search of the battlefield, finding a decent amount of loot. This allowed to re hire a ghoul killed in a previous game and leaves me with enough cash to splash on some fancy toys although I haven't yet decided what those will be. I may save the cash to buffer against future losses.
My warband is getting quite strong now, with the Ghouls becoming quite powerful and the three dregs starting to become quite resilient, which is what I am aiming for with them.
As I won I got to pick the next scenario, which could either be a descent into the catacombs in search of treasure, or a raid on an enemy camp.  I opted to raid Dave and his Marienburgers as that would help to prolong the campaign for a game or two, which would be a good thing.

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