Friday, 14 October 2016

Epic Blood Angels

I finally finished my Epic Blood Angels.

It took a while to get the whole force together, especially the Thunderhawks but I think the army is finished. There is certainly enough to play 3000 points, which is the standard at our club.

Many thanks to John for starting this of by gifting me a box of unwanted Epic stuff. I did the marines fist as I don't really enjoy painting armies any more and their red armour makes them easier to paint.

The Full Army

And again

"modern" Thunderhawks

Original Thunderhawks, proxying as Stormtalons until I find a better alternative

Tactical and Devastators

Assault Marines and Death Company. Tanks on the Left.


  1. Looking good. Glad to see the figures being put to good use.

  2. Looking good and nice to be able to complete the force.