Thursday, 18 February 2016

Sneaky Eldar

A game of Epic already this year, and its only February!

Ric and I had a 3000point bash, my Imperial Guard against his Alaitoc Eldar.

My force consisted of:

Supreme Commander with Hydra
Mechanised Infantry with Hydra
Infantry company with Ogryn Support
Tank Company with Hydra
Artillary Platoon (Manticores)
Sentinel Squadron
Thunderbolt Fighter squadron

Ric had, from memory:

Scout detachment with Warwalkers
Guardians with Wraithlords and Wraithguards
Howling Banshees in Falcons
Striking Scorpions in Wave Serpents
Super heavies consisting of a Scorpion and a Storm Serpent
Squadron of Vypers
Squadron of fliers (I forget their name)

Deployment was fairly standard, with Eldar spread out across the field and the guard mainly in the centre, with one mechanised infantry company out on the right flank, ready to try and flank the Eldar.

Eldar forces in a neat row.

Imperial Guard in a big blob.

I decided to be aggressive this time and advanced into the middle of the bard fairly quickly, trying to shut down the amount of space the more manoeuvrable Eldar had to operate in. This proved fairly successful, with Eldat having little room to pull of their hit and run tactics.  I also tried to knock out a few tanks in each of the mechanised formations, slowing them down to the rate of the foot troops.

My tactic was fairly successful and while the game was still anyone's at the end of turn two it had not been the disaster that happened last time.  Ric had some pretty good luck and mine was about average.

I even managed to pull of an assault with the Rough Riders in this game, although it was blunted somewhat when they were given a good going over in close combat by a bunch of Guardians!

Guard left flank, looking a bit nervous!

Guard right flank, liking these odd a bit better.

We had to call it quits at the end of turn two, with neither side looking like an obvious winner, so a hard fought draw on both sides.  Its always great to get a game of Epic in, especially against Eldar, which makes it a slightly different affair from my usual games against Marines and Orks.  I have a Marine and Eldar force for Epic sitting in the garage waiting to get painted, and hopefully when Epic makes a return in the future I will be able to get the last few bits and bob needed to finish the armies, and also get myself a decent Tyranid army as well!

Nest week I am playing War of the Ring again!  Thidr  time this year and it is only February,

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