Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Here come the Yanks

This campaign takes place in late August 1944 as Allied Forces have crossed the Seine and are pushing on across Northern France towards the Belgian frontier. While the German forces are in retreat they can still put up a stubborn defense as they seek to hold positions to allow their comrades to withdraw to more defensible positions further to the east.
This campaign pitches a US Rifle company, currently attached to the First Canadian Army during its drive to clear the Channel ports, against a mixed force of German infantry defending the bridges over the Canal de Neuf Fosse at Arques.
Campaign structure
The campaign will be played using the “At the Sharp End” supplement for Chain of Command.
It will consist of 7 Campaign turns and take the form of a half ladder campaign. The Americans have the strategic initiative and are the attackers. The Germans task is to delay the Americans for as long as possible. If the Germans can hold out for 7 turns they can claim victory.
The American attackers start with a company of 3 rifle platoons based on the US list in the CoC rules. The Germans have 3 Platoons of regular infantry chosen from the list in the rules. In both cases support options are limited, particularly tanks are in short supply.
American Objective – Capture the road and rail bridges over the Canal de Neuf Fosse at Arques and les Fontinettes and secure the road from Arques to Cassel.
Start line - on the road between la Garenne and la Croix.
German Objective - Delay the American advance for 48 hours.
Starting positions – Outposts at Arques and Ophove, HQ at la Payellette
1.      The Probe – locate and confirm German defensive positions at Arques and Ophove.
2.      Delaying Action – Germans attempt to delay build up of American attack.
3.      Attack and Defend – Capture bridges over canal.
4.      Attack on an Objective/ Flank Attack – American attack on la Payellette ridge.
The first 3 scenarios will be played on a 1v1 basis, but the final scenario will involve all remaining troops as a multi-player game using the Big CoC rules.
German Players   Kevin McCusker, 1st Platoon and Coy CO
                                  John Muir, 2nd Platoon
                                  Ken West, 3rd Platoon
American Players - Ian Howlett, 1st Platoon and US CO
                                  David Muir, 2nd Platoon
                                  Alex Stoddart, 3rd Platoon.
Timing – Campaign will start in May and scenario 1 should be completed that month. Aim will be to play at least one scenario each month thereafter.
Players are asked to report on the outcome of each game and the current state of their platoon to their CO and the Adjutant (John Ewing) after each game.
Wounded men will not return to their platoon unless results are submitted on time!!

The Campaign Area

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