Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Campaign Madness

So the blog has been very quite lately, mainly due to a lack of any gaming activities for a long time.
I finally managed to get to gaming last night with the opener of the clubs Dux B campaign. I will post details of that game shortly. 
Our club has recently gone a bit campaign mad, with three Chain of Command campaigns all about to kick off.  John, the lunatic behind this mad scheme asked if I could host some of the campaign details on my blog.   I have created a couple of pages introducing the campaigns, with one set late and one set early war, with a third to follow shortly, set on the Russian Front.
I am a bit of a technophobe so far have only managed to create a page for each campaign , detailing the original brief supplied by John.  I will try and get the campaign maps uploaded at some point, and try to work out how to add extra posts on to those pages, so that I can track the casualties and results of each campaign.


  1. Well done on helping John out Kev

    That's 3 campaigns you are in now - you won't have time for much else!

    1. True, but I don't think I am long for the Necromunda campaign, next game will be the decider for me.
      I much prefer playing in a campaign anyway so its all good.......

      Least I could do for John as he has done all the work for this, plus I don't get the chance to muck in with the club these days so glad to help if I get the chance.