Monday, 23 March 2015

March Madness

I don't know what it is about March, but it seems to be the month when everything goes wrong.

Things have been going pretty well this year. The painting has got of to a flying start, with over 40 models painted already. My usual annual output is about 100 models so that is a pretty string start to the year.

We have two campaigns about to kick off, one for Dux Britaniarum and one for Chain of Command, plus our ongoing Necromunda campaign.

On a non wargaming note my training for this years cycling events have been going well, and with my first event in just over five weeks I was feeling quite strong going into this.
Then March happened.   My Dad was taken into Hospital and had to have major surgery. He was in intensive care for over a week.  Thankfully he is now on the way to recovery and is now back at home.  This was a worrying time and everything else got forgotten amongst daily visits to the hospital. 

This caused me to miss a couple of weeks gaming and painting, with one game being cancelled twice.  I really dislike cancelling on people, especially at the last minute as it can leve them at a bit of a loose end.  However such is life and sometimes it cannot be avoided.  
Followed on from this I have managed to pick up a stomach bug, which has laid me low for a few days as well.   This has led to a very quiet month hobby wise, and the lack of updates on the blog reflects this.

Hopefully things are returning to normal and next week there should be some kind of hobby activity to report on, rather than having a moan about real life interfering with playing games with toy soldiers.

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  1. As I said before Games can be rescheduled, life usually can't. Concentrate on getting everyone to the right place then let me know when you want to play.