Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Turf War

So with the house move out of the way I finally managed to make a return to the club for a much needed break from unpacking boxes and decorating.  Luckily my return conincided with the inaugural game of the clubs Necromunda campaign.  We have decided to do this for a change of scenery from our usual Mordheim, and it has generated a lot of interest, with 12 players signing up.

We had six in attendance last night:

Me with my Cawdor
Rory with his redemptionists
Dave with his Goliath
Ken with his Cawdor
Andy with his squats (although I dont know what gang he was actually using)
John with his Eldar (there's alway one!)

We set up two tables and decided that it might be a little bit more even if we went for four players on the big table and 2 on the smaller table, as during our Mordheim games whenever there was an uneven number of players one usually just hung about on the sidelines and waited to pick off whatever was left of the other two warbands after they had finished fighting each other. 

We rolled off to see who would end up where and I ended up on the small table paired off against John's Eldar.  In Necromunda each warband has a rating, which reflects its size, level of equipment and experience.  The higher the score, the better your warband.  My warband rating for this game was 900, and thanks to all the special rules John's Eldar had a rating of over 1900.  I was not hopeful.

We started the game and there was not much to see as there was a lot of terrain. On the right we closed to short range and started to exchange shots, while on my left I set some gang members on Overwatch to hopefully stop Johns advance.  The Eldar quickly started to outgun me and if it wasnt for my Heavy armed with a Heavy Flamer and my Gang Leader armed with a Melta Gun I would not have inflicted any casualties on the Eldar at all.  In the end the best I managed to do to him was put one of the Guardians out of action, while forcing a bottle test due to the number of models that I had downed.  For my trouble I ended up with 5 gange members taken out of action, mostly thanks to a late game charge by the Eldar Warlock and some close combat guardians.  

All in all a disastrous start to the campaign, but not entirely unexpected considering what I was facing.  I managed to come away with some minor wounds and no loot as only your Gangers could gather any and they were all back at base nursing their wounds after being taken out by the rampaging Eldar.  The only bright side to this whole affair was that the massive difference in gang ratings meant that I gained a large amount of extra experience just for facing the Eldar and so gained a lot of advances.

On the other table Dave's Gloiath horde managed to emerge victorious, with numbers proving to be as effective as ever.

THis was my forst taste of Necromunda and it is hard to tell what to make of it as my game was so skewed by the presence of the Eldar.

Next game is in a month or so and hopefully it will be a bit more balanced!

Big Table, which I never got to use.

My gang trying to identify their strange looking opponents.

Dave's victorious Gloiaths.

Ken's Cawdor

Andy's squats

My gang take cover from he Eldar firepower.

Heavy Stubber takes aim (he never hit anything all game!)

On overwatch

Rory's redemptionists (all painted!!!)

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