Thursday, 24 April 2014

And now the Gallery ( a rubbish one)....April

I have not managed to get a game in for a few weeks now.  I was away on Holiday at Easter and my planned game of Epic fell through on Monday due to a  mix up (boo!). A real same as I was really looking forward to getting a game of Epic in.

So I have just finished painting my German Platoon for Chain of Command.  They are all from Crusader miniatures. I still need to base them and then get them all varnished, but at least I can get a game in now and not have to borrow someone else toys, or maybe I only need to borrow some for the support elements until I get them painted.

They are a bit of a rush job and certainly the last squad of the four was.  I found them quite frustrating to paint as all the straps, pockets and pouches made them quite "bitty".  I will certainly be glad when I get all the support elements finished.

The other thing is I was suffering a slight case of painting fatigue due to painting them so quickly so the quality is quite variable.

Once again the photos are taken off the cuff and are off a terrible quality. Hopefully we will be moving house this year and will have the space to allow me somewhere to take decent photos of my miniatures.

No game on Monday as I have somewhere else to be. 


  1. Nice, but if you think these were a pain then I recommend try painting splinter and Sumpmuster camo on top of all the fiddly bits and these will seem like a walk in the park.;-)


    1. Thanks.

      I have avoided anything with camouflage as I dont really fancy it. I am pretty glad that I am nearly done with these, to be honest.

  2. These look very nice and I am sure that they will do you proud in the campaign when you next face Barry.

  3. You're too hard on yourself. They all look great.

    You need to do a tutorial on how you do the 5 o'clock shadow. I can't make look right, some of your faces are truly amazing.

    1. Thanks!
      The stubble is not too hard to do. I just use a mix of Agrax Earthshade (the GW brown ink) and a light greay, sometimes mixed with some water or flow medium and add it in very thin coats until I get the desired effect of scruffiness.