Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Isen Fords

I haven played any games of GW's excellent Lord of the Rings skirmish game recently, so a few of us got together and played out the first Isen Fords scenario on Monday night.

We actually managed a pretty accurate result, with the Fords holding (just!) but Theodred having his head caved in by a Troll.  The game was a draw, and a lot of fun.   Rohan had some terrible luck though, with their reinforcements arriving very late.
Both sides deployed.

The thin green line.

Death to the straw heads!

Battle is joined.

The fords are holding, just.

The cavalry arrive (mote Theodred has been skulking at the back the whole time, coward).

Isengard nearly force the ford.

Cavalry bolster the defence. Drat!

Theodred meets his end at the hands of the Troll.

Erkenbrand also comes a cropper.

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  1. Sorry I missed the game, the scenario is always a good barney and a laugh.