Tuesday, 4 April 2017

9th Age, Game 3.

The latest game of 9th Age. 4500 points Dread Elves vs Empire.  Despite the best efforts of my dice I managed to pull of a win, although Andrew was fielding an experimental army that I don't think was as strong as his usual selection.  I removed the Corsairs, except to proxy for other models, and added in a large unit of Executioners. It made a big difference to how the Dread Elves performed. The spearmen are a big improvement over Corsairs, and I don't think the Corsairs will make it back into my list until they do something to make them a bit more interesting.  Also the fist use of my new mat, which enhanced the look of the game a lot. 

The Battlefield

Empire Deployment

Elf Deployment

Witch Elves about to get run over by Steam Tank

End of Game

Final Dice roll, Andy thought he had escaped with a double 6 flee move.  Double 6 pursuit move from me means no more good luck fro the rest of the year!

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