Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Mordheim, Season3, Game 7

The club Mordheim campaign rumbles on, with all 6 players assembles for this months instalment. This was to be a dungeon delve, with us all trying to locate a certain piece of treasure, while trying to survive the denizens that lurked in the darkness.

Assembles were:

My Undead
Andy's Skaven
Dave's Marienburgers
Ian's dwarfs
Rory's Protectorate of Sigmar
Andy's Witch Hunters.
Protectorate of Sigmar




Witch Hunters


We each started in one of 6 rooms, and all had to fight our way to the centre, defeat the residents and then make off with as much treasure as possible hoping that one of them will be the artefact that we are looking for.

I ended up sandwiched between Andy's Witch Hunters and Rory's POS, and decided to make my way for Rory, as he is worth more xp to me.  Early game went pretty typically by this point in the campaign;

  • The Marienburgers and Witch Hunters engaged each other.
  • The Dwarves started the long slow march through the dungeon.
  • The Skaven threw out a screen of Giant Rats and ran ahead of everyone hovering up the treasure.
  • The PoS and the Undead advanced toward each other.

That pretty much set the tone for most of the game. There are now 18 Skaven , and they just put a screen of giant rats out, while using their increased movement to hoover up any treasure and avoiding any fights.  This time the Witch hunters were victorious, seeing of the Marienburgers. The Dwarfs kept marching along, although they managed to get in contact with the Skaven this time.  the undead and PoS got into a pretty good scrap, with POS giving a good account of themselves and managing to take the Vampire out of action (he really has been utterly useless this campaign!) before deciding to retreat due to casualties. the Undead followed suit right after, carrying of the Vampire and prepping the sticky tape and staple gun, ready to get him back into action.

Late game and as soon as the Skaven had the required amount of casualties they left the board. With the Undead and PoS leaving to lick their wounds, and the Marienburgers had routed early doors this left only the dwarfs and the witch hunters on the board. A stalemate ensued, with neither of the cowardly scumbags warbands willing to engage the other.  In the end they agreed to call it a draw, with no one claiming victory. Both warbands should hang their cowardly heads in shame!

In the end my undead had a terrible night, with everyone, but especially the vampire  fluffing his attacks something rotten, and gaining a chest wound for his trouble.  No permanent casualties though which was good , and one Ghoul was promoted to a hero bringing me up to the maximum 6. the campaign is approaching the end now, with only a couple of games to go, and the clear frontrunners are currently the Skaven, although they don't actually do much and have yet to win a game, which is very in character. The big question now is whether or not to buy a some armour for my weakened vampire, or to invest in a couple more ghouls. The ghouls will probably be more effective (wouldn't be hard!) but I feel I should try and keep this vampire alive having already got one killed in the campaign.
So far we have played 8 games and the win tally so far is:
Undead - 4
Dwarfs - 2
Witch Hunters - 1
 and 1 draw.
There are 3 games left, I think plus any raids that anyone wants to conduct so we are definitely on the home stretch.
Next week I am giving Age of Sigmar another bash. This time though I am using my Orcs and Goblins as I have a bigger collection of them and can make a slightly more balance force than my dark elves.


  1. They Should hang their heads in shame right enough, at least a champions set-to would have been better. Just like to see a conclusion but heh ho :-). The game wins is right but I think the Skaven can claim to have achieved the most game objectives.

    1. Yes I know. I am trying to shame them into actually playing to win the scenario for once, cowardly so and so that they are. What will happen when we get to the end and they actually have to fight for the win.....

  2. I failed my rout test! I think the one where I was faced off against the Undead and couldn't get a charge in was one of the few where I have voluntarily routed (There is at least one other I can think of) But usually it is because of a failed rout test. It's not like I'm shy about piling into a warband if the opportunity presents itself.