Saturday, 14 December 2013

This Year I have Mostly been Painting....

So as it is coming to the end of the year, it seems that that the done thing on Blogland is to have a wee look back at the year. 

I thought I would start this with a look back at what painting I have completed n 2013. No photos I'm afraid as I don't really have anywhere to take decent photos.

So this year, in no articular order I have painted:

1 LOTR Uruk Hai Battering Ram
1 LOTR Uruk Hai Seige Ballista
26 LOTR Moria Goblins
1 LOTR Cave Troll
2 LOTR Nazguls on Fell Beasts
24 Musketeer Late Roman Unarmoured Infantry
4 Musketeer Saxon Slingers
4 Musketeer Saxon Archers
6 Musketeer Late Roman Late Cavalry (3 Javelin and 3 Archers)
8 Musketeer Late Roman Armoured Cavalry
8 Musketeer Late Roman Cataphracts
6 Late Roman Saxon Characters (all the named ones from the range)
4 Judge  Dredd Miniatures
LOTR Mines of Moria Terrains set.
10 WHFB Dark Elf Harpies
10 WHFB 6th Edition Dark Elf Black Guard
1 WHFB Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood
6 15mm Niksphorian Byzantines (as a test for a future project)
2 Beastmen Chaos Hounds for Mordheim
1 Beastman GOR for Mordheim

So that is 21 cavalry, 2 large flying beasties, 101 Infantry, a few bits of terrain, one large infantry model and some war machines.  That is not a bad haul for a years painting.  

 The best thing about this is that the painting has all been very focussed. I have managed to complete a number of projects, and the rest have all been in the advancement of existing projects.

All the musketeer miniatures have been painted to complete the Impetus Late Roman Army and for Dux Brittaniarum.  I now have about 600 points of Late Romans for Impetus and enough models to supply both sides for an occasional game if Dux Britaniarum.  I now consider the Late Romans finished (hooray!!) and don't really feel the need to paint any more.  I still have all the Arthurian characters waiting to get painted and a few other bits and pieces but as I have enough painted just now I can happily wait until I am in the mood.

The LOTR Uruk Hai were done so that I could run Helms Deep, and the Nazgul on Winged Beast were done so I could try out a few scenarios, which we managed to do.  The Moria Goblins were painted as part of the next phase of my Lord of the Rings project, which is put all the pieces together to do most of the Scenarios involving the Fellowship.

The few Beastmen were done as part of the clubs ongoing Mordheim campaign and were needed as my warband expanded.

The Judge Dredd miniatures were painted for a friend and were the only display quality miniatures that I have managed to paint all year.

Having a focused painting plan is very rewarding as you can see definite progress being made, and completing and progressing projects is a great motivator to get more done.  I usually plan and purchase my painting a year in advance, and next year is already looking pretty full.

So far I have planned:

5 Lovely dark Ages buildings from Grand Manner
Finish some simple terrain to represent the wall of Balins Tomb and the Bridge of Kazad Dum
Acquire and paint a Balrog!
Put together and paint the Amon Hen kit that has sat in the loft for the last 7 years!
Paint enough Uruk Hai scouts to make a decent fight for the Fellowship (that will need to be a lot!)

That is probably more than enough for the first 6 months. To top that off I bought into the recent Aliens vs Predator kickstarter, and that should(!) be delivered in May.  I would also like to paint a few more display quality models as well.

I am also eyeing up a 15mm Field of Glory army, probably from the wonderful Legio Heroica range. My taste in gaming is as always dictated by the ranges of miniatures that I like rather than any particular interest in any period.  Wargaming is about being sociable and having an excuse to get the models that I have been painting on the table.

All this on top of a very busy cycling schedule, and an attempt to sell our house and buy a new one so next year is looking like a busy one!

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  1. A decent out turn of painting there KeV, not too shabby at all. Good luck with next years painting, though I'm surprised about a 15mm FOG army, don't do it, come away from the light! :-)