Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Hard Won Victory...or not!

Game six of the clubs Mordheim campaign rolled around and I was feeling pretty good about it.  Mordheim is one of my favourite games and this campaign has been quite successful for my Beastmen, with two victories under their belt and fairly minimal casualties as well.

There are 5 regular players in this:

My beastmen
Rory's Kislevites
Andy's Sisters of Sigmar
Dave's Marienburgers
Ian's Reiklanders

So far in the campaign Dave has been forced to retire his original warband due to losses and Ian has had to miss a few games. Andy, Rory and I have been present at every game and are probably on fairly  even footing in terms of the power levels of our warbands.

The scenario was straight treasure hunt, in a ruined village.  In addition to this as I had manage to 'mislay' the Amulet of Alex in the last game it was also up for grabs.  There were 6 treasure tokens on the board and we each had to grab as many as we could, with one secretly being designated as the missing Amulet.

The ruined town, peaceful for now!

My Beastmen, waiting to get stuck in.
 Once again we decided on random deployment, with Ian and Rory deploying quite closely to each other, almost side by side. Dave was at the far end of the table. Andy was quite lucky and managed to get in the middle of one of the long edges, opposite Ian and Rory and most importantly of all within easy distance of three of the six treasures. I ended up deployed at the far end of the table, well away from the action.
Deployment, just slightly out of the action.
Early game saw an instant start to hostilities between Rory and Ian, who pretty much laid into each other right form the first turn.  This pretty much went on for most of the game, with Ian eventually coming of worse and being the first to exit the game.  Andy quickly took up some high ground in the middle of the board and secured three of the treasures, including the missing amulet.

Kislevites advance

Sisters take up a commanding position in the middle of the battlefield

Early game, you can just see my Beastmen at the far end of the battle.
Dave's Marienburgers also took up a commanding position at one end of he battlefield and advanced towards the Sisters of Sigmar in an effort to try and secure some treasure, which they managed pretty much without anyone noticing.  

My trusty Centigor failed his drunkenness test for the first two turns of the game, basically stopping me from getting very far, but I still managed to secure one of the treasure tokens.  

Mid game saw Dave and Andy fight for possession of the treasures, with neither side gaining much of an upper hand.  Rory tried to consolidate his position after seeing of Ian and started heading towards the centre of the table.  My Beastmen advanced up the table as best they could, taking full advantage of the large amount of cover available.

Sneaking up the board.

Hiding behind every wall.

Still sneaking and hiding.

More sneaking and hiding.
Towards the end of the game I was finally starting to get close to the action when Andy decided to withdraw towards the other end of the table.  Just as I was getting close to the enemy Dave and Andy decided that they had had enough and left the table, leaving only Rory and I in contention.

Finally getting ready for the big charge.

Come back you cowards!
Rory's Kislevites and I then faced off. The only die I had rolled all game was the drunkenness test for my Centigor so I was keen to get stuck in. Rory was one model away from break point so took up a defencive position in readiness.  I managed to get pretty close to him and launched the first wave of my assault, consisting of the chaos hounds and the centigor.  That was less than impressive so in went wave two, but as soon as Rory had enough casualties to allow him he decided enough was enough and legged it, leaving my Beastment victorious!

Kislevites looking a bit nervous.

The Beastmen finally get stuck in!
So victory number three for my Beastment, although not through any effort on my part. Man of the match had to go to Andy as he managed to make off with half the treasure. In the end I lost one Chaos Hound and managed to some pretty decent advances on some of my Heroes.  More of a filler game for me, with not much going on and a chance for wounded to recover and funds to be restored.  With the campaign now past the half way mark the prospect of purchasing a Minotaur are looking pretty remote. How much use he would be this late in the campaign is debatable, but it would still be nice to get him anyway just so I can paint one up!

Game seven in the January. I cannot wait!


  1. Nice batrep Kev and some nice photo's too. Think your phone camera is much better than mine :-(

    1. Cheers Rory. Old phone recently gave up teh ghost so spanking new phone, along with natty camera! Didn't realise quite how rubbish my old phone camera was until I got the new one.