Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Bridge to Far

Game four of our Mordheim campaign was a race to find a key, which was stashed in a shrine that was to be found across a bridge at the far end of the board.  There were four giant tics wandering about in front of the bridge as well. They were not particularly dangerous but were hard to kill, having a 2+ armour save.

There were four warbands this time:
  • My Beastmen
  • Andy's sisters of sigmar
  • Rory's Kislevites
  • Dave's brand new Marienburger warband, as Dvae had retired the remains of his Kislevite warband due to high losses.

I also forgot to bring my phone so there are no photos of this weeks game at all, which is a real shame as the table looked pretty good. Rory had brought some terrain that he had been working on with him and it really added to the atmosphere.  For pictures you would be best to keep an eye on the Alba Two warblog that Rory keeps as he took lots of photos of the game in progress.

We used random deployment this time and I ended up at the far end of the board, furthest away from the target along with Dave. Andy and Rory were deployed further up the table.

Things moved pretty quickly, with Andy and Rory moving up the board quickly and engaging the giant ticks. Rory was also taking any shots of opportunity that he could.  Dave opted to be sneaky and started to slink up one flank of the board, trying to claim the prize without anyone noticing.

I darted straight up the middle of the table, splitting my forces at the lat minute to  make a two pronged attack on Andy's sisters.  My fast left flank engaged them first and actually managed to do what I wanted and hold the sisters in place until the slower elements of my warband managed to catch up.  the shaman even managed to get his spell off, taking the elf scout out of action!  After a short but bloody affair Andy decided to call it a day, leaving my Beastmen victorious, with minimal casualties.

Meantime Rory had lost another member of his warband to a giant tic and in typical fashion failed his first rout test of the game, leaving just myself and Dave in the running.  I weighed up my odds against Dave and decided that I would quit while I was ahead. the prospect of crossing relatively open ground in the face of 4 archers was a daunting one. Especially as my screen of Chaos Hounds had already been depleted.

The Beastmen quite the field, leaving Dave's Marienburgers victorious in their first outing.

I thought I had come out of that rather well until the exploration phase when I encountered an empire patrol.  I managed to get some experience and some gear but the ensuing scrap was quite costly. I had 6 members of my warband taken out of action in the after game scrap!  Luckily no one died but there were a few long term wounds.

Another very enjoyable game with some twists.  Rory had his usual luck and couldn't seem to hurt anything with his shooting, and every second blow that Andy landed seemed to be a critical hit!  After four games my Beastmen finally managed ot get in a decent scrap and are now looking to spend their ill gotten gains.
Equipment is fairly limited for Beastment so I may have to finally expand my numbers. Only problem with that is I am going to have to go and get some more painted........

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  1. If Dave had the same luck with his shooting that I did all game, you wouldn't have been in any trouble.

    Looking forward to see some more Beastmen, your band is looking pretty nifty already.