Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Mordheim Season3, Game 3

Game three of our Mordheim campaign, and we were all trailing into the woods after the Dwarfs, who as the victors in the last game had decided to go deeper in search of treasure. 

We had all the six campaign members this week:

My Undead
Rory Protectorate of Sigmar (PoS)
Andy's Skaven
Ian's Dwarfs
Dave's Marienburg Mercenaries
Andy's Witchhunters

Marienburg Mercenaries

Skaven Warphunters

Dwarf Treasure Seekers


Protectorate of Sigmar

The board was mostly woodland, with a few hills and a single hut in the centre.  There was a witch living in the hut, guarding some loot, along with a couple of Dire Wolves. The first person to approach within 8 inches of the hut would trigger the witches break for the nearest random table edge, fighting anyone who gets in her way.

The game started with everyone advancing cautiously.  I ended up deployed in a corner next to the Skaven, and after a quick chat we decided that we would ignore each other so that we could both actually get a chance to have a decent evenings gaming.  I decided to head towards the PoS as they were apparently my nemesis and I would get double experience for any kills.  The Skaven made straight for the hut.  The Witch hunters also went straight for the hut and due to where they deployed triggered the witches escape. Ian's dwarves began the long slog towards the centre of the board, but with a move of 3 inches they were going to take a while.  Dave surprised everyone by advancing into the centre of the board.

The witch made a dash for it and as it turned out they ran straight into the Witch hunters, who set about dealing with her.  Meanwhile the Skaven approached the hut, and my undead made for the PoS.
The Dwarfs kept slogging towards the centre, while Dave also kept advancing.

Mid game saw the Undead lay into the PoS, putting them out of the game, The Skaven found the treasure in the witches hut but ended up coming of worst as the dwarfs finally made it to the centre of the table. 

The Witchhunters had finally slogged it across the table towards Dave's Marienburgers but decided under pressure of missile fire and a charge from his opponent that they did not want to hang about so left, leaving only four warbands on the board.

Having recovered a fair chunk of treasure and starting to come under pressure from the Dwarfs Andy's Skaven also decided to leave. This left the Dwarfs, Marienburgers and Undead on the board.
The Undead had been approaching the Dwarfs, and were now getting into assault range.  The Dwarfs decided that they would form a defensive line and rely on their natural resilience to survive the attack.  The Marienburgers at this point were happy to sit and watch, while sending a few archers off to try and steal some treasure from some zombies skulking at the side of the board.
Zombies "running" away from some nasty people

The Undead had a couple of rounds of shooting at the Dwarfs but this proved ineffective so I decided to get stuck in, even though I expected to come of second best.  The advantage of making that charge was that I could pic my targets, so I ganged up on a few of the Dwarfs, making sure that I took them out of action.  Ian decided enough was enough and after a few casualties decided to leave.
Chasing down the Marienburgers

That left it down to my Undead and Dave's Marienburgers.  There was a chase across the table as Dave reverted o type and started running away again, but he eventually ran out of space and formed a line, ready to attack (why does everyone always  form a line and wait?).  My Undead charged in and in a couple of turns Dave was past his break point and left the field, leaving the Undead victorious.

A nice win for the Undead, with the Vampire finally killing something. A costly one though as I lost a Ghoul, Dire Wolf and Zombie in the post game pages, although I gained some very useful advances on my warband.  I could only afford to replace the ghoul and get some bit of armour for my warband so will be slightly understrength for the next game.  That shouldn't be too much of  a problem though as I got a triple 6 in the exploration phase and managed to pick up a free hired sword for the next game. Given the limitation on what he Undead can hire I opted for an Ogre Bodyguard, so all in all not a bad game really. Once again this was played in a light hearted manner, with plenty of chat going on, which makes for a very enjoyable evening.

The campaign is shaping up nicely, with players being a lot more careful this time. In the last campaign there were usually a couple of players out in the first couple of turns but people are being a lot more careful this time, which is making for much more interesting games.

Next week sees the conclusion of our Chain of Command campaign, "Here Com the Yanks" and we will see if the depleted American Platoon have enough men left to break through the German lines.

Also this Saturday is Claymore, at Telford College Edinburgh, and I am planning on popping along with the kids fro a while. Its usually a fun day out for us all.

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